5 Successful Career Paths That Don’t Require A College Degree

Finding a career that allows you to enjoy yourself while being successful without a college degree may seem challenging in today’s society and economy. However, with a bit of persistence and dedication to perfecting your craft, it is possible to find a career path that allows you unlimited earning potential without having to obtain a degree. Knowing your options is a way to get the motivation you need to begin

Six Interesting Career Paths Biology Majors Can Take

With a curriculum that demands the exploration of fundamental questions concerning life on earth, biology has become a major that tends to attract hard-working and curious students enthralled by the stimulating requirements of the field. As might be expected from an area of study that deals with problems concerning human and animal life, a major in biology can lead to a wonderful set of challenging career paths for students, while

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10 Awesome Job Ideas For History Lovers

Many people love history but have no idea how to make a career out of it. They look at it as more of a hobby and call themselves history buffs. However, you can make money in history. Here are 10 awesome jobs for history lovers! 1. Archivist You could be an archivist in a library or a historical society building. Your job would involve documenting, cataloging, and protecting all ancient documents pertaining

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10 High Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A College Degree

While one’s earning potential usually increases with a college degree, people can still earn a good salary without attending college. Nowadays, many people are skipping college due to the troubled economy. Some people find that entering the workforce earlier makes more financial sense than spending a fortune on college. People have no need to rack up student loan debt when they can earn great pay by applying for a job

A Day in the Life of a Personal Injury Attorney

Personal injury attorneys specialize in a field of law known at common law as torts. A tort is a civil claim involving a wrong or harm caused by a person or entity (such as a business) other than the person harmed. The most common type of personal injury lawsuit is a car accident. A typical personal injury attorney does many of these cases each year. Most attorneys take cases that

7 Ways To Reduce Anxiety Before A Major Job Interview

To succeed professionally and obtain a better job, you will likely need to be good at being interviewed for open positions. Since they are so important, it is easy to suffer from anxiety when going in for a big interview. Fortunately, there are seven things that you can do to reduce your anxiety before a big interview. The first way to reduce anxiety before a big interview is to prepare

The Top 10 Jobs For People Who Love To Play With Fire

So you like to play with fire? Although this is one grade-school vice that doesn’t necessarily conjure images of future success and happiness, a love of fire can be a tremendous asset for certain professional paths. Here are 10 jobs that can put your love of fire to good use. Firefighter: If you have the stamina to work 24-hour shifts several times a month, become a firefighter. Firefighters undergo rigorous

4 Types Of Jobs That Robots Can Never Replace

While it may be true that we are constantly being surprised by the applications computers and robotics can be put to these days, some workers really don’t have to worry about their work becoming automated, sometimes because it’s too valuable and special a human skill to replace, and sometimes because it’s not valuable or special enough. Here’s four careers to which robots need not apply: 1. Visual Artist Computer programmers

10 Tips to Finding a Job in the Digital Age

We live in an electronic world. Almost all information is interconnected these days through the Internet. There are two sides to this digital coin for job hunters. On one hand it facilitates the process. Searching through job ads online is effortless and sending email applications is light years quicker than sending a letter through snail mail. On the other hand, it means having so much information readily available that new

12 Simple Tips To Improve Your Resume and Cover Letter

When looking to move up the corporate ladder or land that first job, one must use a solid cover letter and resume. Here are twelve tips to improve your CV and cover letter. Improve your resume: 1- One should put their work and school experience on one page. When in a resume is in a concise format, hiring managers and bosses will have a longer look at the applicant. Remember,